Abigail is a Marian Woodman Foundation Leadership Trainee and Clinical Psychologist. She has been involved in BodySoul work since 2006 and been facilitating a group at Clonlea Studios since 2013. The Group runs monthly on a Friday night.

BodySoul Community Group

Monthly meetings

Fridays 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Please see BodySoul Community Group for upcoming dates and costs.

“When doing is all we know, being is just another word for ceasing to exist. When being begins to flow through dance and paint and song, joy is no longer luxury but absolute need”. – Marion Woodman (Jungian Analyst & Author)

The BodySoul Community Group follows Marion Woodman’s BodySoul Method. The sessions include deep relaxation and movement, bringing movement to image/art and dream images in the body.

BodySoul work holds that the psyche and soma are inseparable; therefore, body and mind are explored together in the service of healing and growth. BodySoul programmes involve listening to the body and paying attention to unfolding dreams. In this way, guided by the Self, space is provided for the unconscious to emerge through movement, voice-work, painting, journaling, myth and mask making.

BodySoul teaching has a strong base in the psychology of C.G.Jung, as developed by Jungian analyst Marion Woodman, dance educator Mary Hamilton and voice coach Ann Skinner. Some current BodySoul programmes are explicitly informed by attachment theory and emerging research from the field of neuroscience.

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Prerequisite: Participants have/are attending Psychotherapy
What to bring: Your weary body !!, soft blanket /throw, dream journal or note book

Abigail Whyte

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