Weekly Yoga Classes, Individual Yoga Tuition & Chant Workshops

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About Eleanor

Eleanor has been connected with Clonlea since she first came there as a student of Hanne Gillespie in 2001. She completed the Sadhana Mala Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy programme with Ranju Roy and Dave Charlton 2010, and teaches regular group classes, workshops and individual sessions at Clonlea and elsewhere. Eleanor assisted Hanne Gillespie with the Sadhana Mala Teacher Training Programme (2011-13).

Eleanor continues to study with Peter Hersnack in France and has prepared a working English  translation of his book, La Chair Vivante. She has also taught at the aYs Convention and gives workshops in Ireland and the UK.  Through her personal practice and her teaching, Eleanor is exploring how the ancient wisdom of yoga can be felt and expressed in a simple, direct way that is fresh and alive for us today.

Eleanor Dawson

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Yoga Classes

Monday, 9.30 – 10.45 am

  • An ongoing class that also welcomes beginners.

Tuesday, 11.00 am – 12.30 pm

  • A class for those with some experience, (including yoga teachers) who would like to deepen their practice and relationship with yoga. The slightly longer time allows for a more spacious feel.

Tuesday, 5.15 pm – 6.30 pm

  • An ongoing class that also welcomes beginners.

Please see yoga schedule for dates.

My classes are open to people who are new to yoga and to those who may have been practising for a while already. Within the classes, we can go as deeply as we feel is right – each to their own capacity and comfort.

I like to link my yoga teaching to everyday life: to the cycles of our lives and of nature, so we become more in tune with ourselves and the world around us. I generally take a theme for the term, and develop it as the weeks go by, so there is a sense of continuity and growth through the term. I also draw on words and ideas from yoga teachings to enrich our felt experience in the practice.

Individual Yoga Tuition

Please contact Eleanor for details of times and cost.

I offer individual classes for people wanting to develop a regular practice at home. This could be to address a particular physical or emotional issue, or simply from a desire to work more regularly at the practice of yoga. I work together with the student to develop a practice specifically for them, which they then take home to work on in between sessions. Sessions can be spaced either closely together or several weeks apart, according to individual needs. As we go along, the practice develops and changes according to the changing needs of the student. It can be a great support to everyday stresses and strains, and potentially a great and transformative journey!

Eleanor’s Approach

Many people come to yoga for strength, flexibility and relaxation, and yoga can provide all these, both on the obvious physical level, and in terms of energy and outlook on life. Yoga is also about simplifying: about letting go of or clearing out what we no longer need, so that we have a clearer sense of who we are and where we’re going. We can use the conventional yoga postures, adapted in many different ways, to get a new perspective, and literally a new “feeling” about ourselves: we can feel more alive, and open to new possibilities.

Conscious awareness of the breath is at the centre of the practice. The breath connects us with our vitality, so we can use our yoga practice to soothe us if we’re agitated, or stimulate us if we’re feeling sluggish. Practising the postures with the conscious awareness of breath can help to strengthen us, ground us, and open up more space and flexibility on many levels – physical, energetic and emotional. The breath is what animates us, breathes life into us. Working with it consciously we feel more connected to who we are in all aspects of our being; body, breath and mind.

My training was based on the teaching of TKV Deskichar, who in turn learned from his father, T. Krishnamacharya. Krishnamacharya could be seen as the ‘father’ of modern yoga, as he taught most of the key teachers whose work is followed all over the world today. The hallmark of this approach is to adapt the tools and practice of yoga to the individual. Even within a group class, we take care to ensure that each person is working in an appropriate way for them. We can adapt the postures to suit specific needs – for people with stiff shoulders or knees, or dodgy backs, there is always a safe way of finding the essence of a posture.

Adapting the practice to suit the individual allows for a deepening of experience. Whether strong or gentle physically, it is the deepening of experience that is important, and this can be accessed by everyone. The practice has a meditative feel, as the awareness is drawn to our sense of who we are, here and now, and how we can open to change.

In the spirit of yoga as an evolving practice and a way of life, I look to the traditional yoga texts, especially the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, but also the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads, as a guide, and this is also a part of what I was taught. I love these texts, but I’m working with them in a spirit of open enquiry, and in conjunction with my experiences in my own practice, so that their timeless ideas can give space for changes and growth in my teaching and my life. These teachings can tell us a lot about who we are and what makes us ‘tick’ here and now. Above all, yoga is a living practice, and a way of life!

Yoga, Sound and Chant

Please see Sound & Chant for dates.

Before I became a yoga teacher, I was (and still am) a flute player specialising in early and contemporary music. I always had a fascination for the power of sound to open up energy within our system, and of the therapeutic potential of resonance within the body. I give workshops in yoga, sound and chant once a month on Saturday mornings, 10.00-12.00. We combine working with sound and movement (yoga postures), some seated work with sound, and also use some seated Vedic chant. This sound work is accessible to anyone: my aim is to help people find their own “voice”. Working with sound is potentially empowering and freeing – as well as very enjoyable! The workshops can help people who have lost confidence with singing or any type of performance. The aim is to connect more deeply with ourselves from the inside in a safe way and to explore our own resonance and creativity.

Other workshops

In addition to the monthly Saturday morning Yoga, Sound and Chant workshops, I’m also open to putting on workshops if there is something in particular people, or a group of students, would like to work on.

In 2018-19 I’d like to offer some workshops on Yoga: words, wisdom and waking up, exploring key yoga words and concepts through practice – awakening our vitality and energy, and developing a felt understanding of some key teachings in yoga. These would be suitable for students wanting to go further, and also for yoga teachers and others working in complementary therapeutic approaches. Please contact me for more information if this appeals to you!


Burren Yoga Centre retreats in Yoga and Meditation: 17th -23rd August (week-long retreat/holiday), 5th -7th October, 2nd -4th November, 2018, and 22nd-24th March, 2019 (weekend retreats)

See https://www.burrenyoga.com/ for further details.

Weekend retreat, 15th -17th March, 2019, Yoga: rhythm, harmony, silence, with Eleanor Dawson and Hilary Norman, Woodbrooke Quaker Centre, Birmingham

16th June, 2019, Day-long workshop on Yoga and Sound, Interpretive Centre, Magog, Quebec, Canada

Eleanor Dawson

Email / 085 841 6800