Mixed Ability Yoga

with Eleanor Dawson

Monday 9.30am

Dates: 13th Jan. – 30th Mar.
(No class 17th Feb.)
Cost: €165 (11 wks)

Tuesday 11.00am
Tuesday 5.15pm

Dates: 14th Jan. – 31st Mar.
(No class 18th Feb.)
Cost: €165 (11 wks)

These classes are open to people who are new to yoga and to those who may have been practising for a while already. Within the classes, we go as deeply as feels right – each to their own capacity and comfort.

Eleanor Dawson
Email / 085 841 6800


I like to link my yoga teaching to everyday life: to the cycles of our lives and of nature, so we become more in tune with ourselves and the world around us. I generally take a theme for the term, and develop it as the weeks go by, so there is a sense of continuity and growth through the term. I also draw on words and ideas from yoga teachings to enrich our felt experience in the practice.

For further information please see here.