About Uta

I began my yoga journey in Berlin about 25 years ago, with Iyengar trained teachers. From the beginning yoga encouraged me to enjoy and explore my body, and I always loved the calmness the practice left me with.

When I moved to Beara in West Cork 17 years ago I found a yoga teacher, Margaret Hardman, who just began to explore the teachings of the late Vanda Scaravelli. I became her enthusiastic student, as this approach to asanas opened my mind and body in new and surprising ways. Now I work with Diane Long, Vanda’s longest student, and other teachers, that have been inspired by this approach.

I completed my yoga teacher training in Bristol with Bill Wood 6 years ago and now teach classes and workshops in Dublin.

I am also a Shiatsu and massage therapist and currently study Rick Hanson’s ‘Neuroscience of Happiness’ teachings, with the intention to blend them into my teaching and treatments.

Scaravelli Yoga

Friday 10am – 10.15

The class is open to all levels of experience, the most important requirements are curiosity and patience.

Please see Yoga Schedule for dates.

Scaravelli Yoga is a curious exploration of the inner workings of the body, guided by the breath and the intention to move in a way that feels whole and allows the spine to become free. This requires the limbs to re-connect with the spine. It is the breath that connects the whole body and allows opening. Gravity encourages deep release and an experience of lightness as a response.

My approach is a personal, slow, strongly guided with hands on support and spoken guidance. We finish with relaxation and meditation, to let body and mind integrate deeply.

Uta Kaiser

WebEmail / 087 742 5717